Course Introduction/Description:

"Web Searching, Sleuthing, Snooping and Sifting" is a introductory course into web searching methods and strategies. The course is comprehensive and will teach a complete web "newb" how to find useful information instead of just randomly clicking on links. The class covers numerous topics, but will start with an overview of the World Wide Web (Web), discussion on what different formats are available on the internet, such as graphics, software, maps, videos). Next different search engines, indexed and directories will be covered, everything from dmoz to yahoo to google to yahoo, etc. Then comprehensive tutorial on how to actually search and sift through all the information will be covered. The class included numerous real life current examples of typical search queries and explains and teaches how to use them, it's a great way to keep current on this area of information technology.

Class Objectives:

The objective of this is to study variety of Web tools, search sites, and search strategies in order to become a better at finding useful information on the web. That is, searching to find general information, sleuthing to find specific piece of information, and then sifting to evaluate and separate spam and other useless info from the good information. The class is an introductory tutorial into the area of web searching, many different search tools and techniques will be covered, the objective is to cover as many topics as possible without going too much into depth into each one, those some advanced techniques will be discussed in more detail.

Who is this class for?

The search strategies and resource sites discussed, demonstrated or recommended in this class have dozens of practical applications, everything from finding information for a book report to looking up directions, finding the best stock broker, to even finding out how many calories a big Mac has. This class is therefore useful to anyone that wants to learn more about finding information on the web. Lessons will contain certain concepts and search techniques, such as for example Boolean or field searching are not necessarily web specific, they are useful in other database environments. Everyone from the newbies to experts in searching will most likely get benefit from going through the tutorials.

Homework Assignments:

This web sleuthing class is a self paced class, students will work at their own pace and will track their own progress. Weekly homework assignment will be give to test the knowledge about concepts and web tools discussed in the given section. If any student has questions, Instructor is available to answer any questions by email.

Topics Covered include the following:

What are best search engines to use? What is boolean searching and how to use it effectively? Which online resources are best to spy on your kids / spouse? How can I easily find pictures on the web? Where to find maps of every part of the world for free? What are are meta-search engines, and how are they useful? How to protect my kids from malicious sites on the web?